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Week 29: More Frontend Work!

For this week I focused more on frontend work.

The graduate student, Caitlin, updated the backend code to send the score of each ranking. Previously, the score was filled with dummy values to simply get the frontend functionality in place. And move the entire column to a more intuitive place.

Furthermore, I also worked on updating our datasets to be better. For one, our States dataset had unintuitive attribute values. To change that, I updated to a new dataset and looked for a better movies dataset, a one that would include categorical attributes. Unfortunately, I could not find a dataset that had as much variety of attributes as the current movies dataset has and that has categorical attributes.

Week 28: Getting Back to Work

In order to meet the deadline, the development team has been on a strict schedule to complete all tasks necessary.

Because we will be applying to a visualization conference, Rankit needs to have more visualization features. Therefore, we've been working on integrating active learning into the tool. With active learning, our tool will have immediate and engaging feedback on the ranking as the user decides whether they should rank more items to get better results or if they are satisfied with the ranking as is and can stop.

The features I worked on were to make the Explore tool more robust. One feature is to work on highlighting the rows of the data table with a gradient signifying confidence.

The second feature was to have a bar for each row signifying the score of the object.

Week 27: Spring Break

Last week, we had our spring break, so there's no update.

Week 26: Finishing the Paper

Taking into account the feedback received from the our mentors, we updated the section analyzing the outcome of the online user study. We updated the machine learning section to include more references and added more charts to the whole paper. 
The team also discussed the next steps and observed new features to be implemented.