Week 23: Revising the Paper

Finishing off my sections from last week, I was done writing. I spent the most of the week grammars checking the overall paper. Wanting to write some more information on the machine learning part of the project, I ended up reading some papers on different types of ranking.


“Learning to rank.” Learning to rank - RLScore 0.7 documentation, staff.cs.utu.fi/~aatapa/software/RLScore/tutorial_ranking.html#learning-to-rank.

Li H. (2011) A short introduction to learning to rank. IEICE Trans. Inf. Syst. , 94, 1854–1862

Liu, Tie-Yan. "Learning to rank for information retrieval." Foundations and Trends® in Information Retrieval 3, no. 3 (2009): 225-331.


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