Week 21: Preparing for Paper

This week consisted mostly of preparations for the paper. Taking the advice of the faculty advisor, I updated the paper outline to fit the appropriate structure and delegated subsections of the paper to my teammates and myself. Since our first draft of the paper is due in about two weeks, I decided that for the upcoming week everyone writes about 7 pages, and finishes the other 3 pages for the following week.

Getting a head start, I made progress writing the first 2 pages of the paper-- the introduction section.

Furthermore, with categorical attributes, our number of attributes skyrocketed. Such that, the screen displaying attributes and their weights was overtaken with numbers and words. However, I fixed it so that only the attributes displayed were important to the overall outcome of the ranking



There were also a couple of bugs that resulted in the server crashing when the name of an item did not follow convention. That has been fixed as well.

A slightly older version of our website can now be accessed at http://mhtc-vm1.cs.wpi.edu:5000


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