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Week 21: Preparing for Paper

This week consisted mostly of preparations for the paper. Taking the advice of the faculty advisor, I updated the paper outline to fit the appropriate structure and delegated subsections of the paper to my teammates and myself. Since our first draft of the paper is due in about two weeks, I decided that for the upcoming week everyone writes about 7 pages, and finishes the other 3 pages for the following week.

Getting a head start, I made progress writing the first 2 pages of the paper-- the introduction section.

Furthermore, with categorical attributes, our number of attributes skyrocketed. Such that, the screen displaying attributes and their weights was overtaken with numbers and words. However, I fixed it so that only the attributes displayed were important to the overall outcome of the ranking



There were also a couple of bugs that resulted in the server crashing when the name of an item did not follow convention. That has been fixed as well.

A slightly older version…

Week 20: Starting Paper and Fixing Frontend

For last week I was in charge of preparing my group to start the user study and writing our research paper.

For the user study, following the IRB form questions, I completed a google forms (so that we could start surveying as soon as we were done with the meeting with the professor). Furthermore, I started working on writing out an outline.

Single Spaces: about 9 - 10 pages each Abstract Executive Summary Introduction Ranking Definition Rankings enable the proceassing of large multifaceted data to synthesize a representation of reality, allowing individuals to weigh and observe in clearer detail the choices they are faced with. Importance Employed in everyday life and decision making: website search, picking out a place to eat, deciding on the best college Rankings are based on certain attributes. Each attribute can have a higher weight/contribution to the overall ranking. Available online rankings may hide which attribute are considered, fuzzing the meaning of the rankings.     It is importa…

Week 19: Getting Back to Work

Applying for and receiving the approval for the IRB, left us with only one major task: make sure our website is bug and typo free, clean, and usable for everyone.

Our faculty advisor, in testing out our web application, ran into a problem. In our dataset selection screen, we have a hover over functionality on each dataset square that flips over an option between the Build and Explore tools. However, on our faculty advisor's laptop, hovering over with the mouse did nothing, and neither did clicking on the dataset block.

I took up the task of resolving this bug. Turns out, that none of the group members had a touch screen laptop, what our faculty advisor had, and so this problem was left unnoticed. While normal clicking and moving around did not get a response, what did seem to work is using the touch screen and touching the dataset block. Upon doing so, the flap flips over with different tool options. However, this behavior wasn't intuitive, and so I fixed the code such that th…