Week 14: Rebuilding the UI

Addressing the feedback we received last week, my team and I began to redesign the UI.

Firstly, in order to make the functionality of RANKit clearer, we updated the landing page to include a tutorial.

Furthermore, to address the problem of not being able to see the ranking boxes until scrolling down, we redesigned the Build UI such that the datasets is to the left of the ranking box as opposed to the top of.

As this is the last week of the term, we met up to discuss plans for the winter. Below are the list of tasks we need to accomplish. 
  • Build view functionality fixes
    • Pairwise view dataset pool keeps a copy of the removed object
    • Dataset pool is not preserved between views 
    • Rank button should rank only the objects in the specific tab 
  • Build view UI fixes
    • Option to pick a view once first landing on the Build view
    • Fix Instruction placement in build view, info button
  • Explore
    • Redesign Explore UI such that you can view the attribute weights on rating
    • Optimizing Explore rendering time
  • Machine learning script should be able to rank non-numerical attributes 
  • Clean and comment code


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