Week 13: Receiving Feedback

User Feedback

For last week we aimed to arrange an informal interview sessions with faculty from school of business and the CS department to get some input on our tool. 

In order to accomplish that tasks, we created a list of tasks that the participant will go through. After each task is completed, the participant would be asked a set of questions to encourage constructive and aimed feedback.

From this questionnaire, we focused on several major improvements.

The machine learning tool gave reversed ranking. Therefore, we decided to run a couple of sanity checks on the algorithm to further make sure that the results are as expected.

For the list comparison view, ranking more than two objects requires the user to scroll down and reveal the ranked box. To fix this, the dataset box will be moved to the side of the screen rather than the top and the ranked box will be set to the left of, as opposed to below the dataset box. Furthermore,  in order to accept the dropped object, the ranked box requires for that object to go into the exact center of the box. We are planning to make the ranked box more responsive by switching out what library we use for the draggable behavior. 

The landing page is not clear at providing instructions for the purpose and functionality of RANKIT. We are planning to have clearer descriptions of the tool on the landing page.

Some smaller feedback were about fixing the instructions to always be the mobile view and for explore view to match build view style and color.

Backend Refactoring 

On the backend, there was an ultimate problem. The explore webpage was only accessible through a POST request. This led to a major problem: how could users go back the their ranking result? 

Therefore, we worked on manipulating the url to access the rankings using a GET request. 

Now, by accessing the specific URL the user can go back to anytime to their previous ranking in both build and explore tools.


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