Week 9: Connecting All the Parts

Last week was busy and full of many accomplishments. 

On the landing page, the cards indicating the dataset name have been changed:

Furthermore, this week the work of connecting the frontend and the backend has been done. Now, whenever a user picks a block of a specific type, that name is sent to the server, which retrieves and filters the dataset by the primary keys and sends that data to the Build tool. 

For that reason, I assigned the frontend team to focus on the different views of build. I wanted to focus more of functionality than on design, pushing for an interface that worked. The end product was this:

Each state name is contained within a draggable block that can be pasted into the list comparison space, which currently contains Washington, Texas, Idaho, and Michigan. 

When the submit button is pressed, the data within that list comparison space gets converted to pairwise comparison: Washington > Texas, Washington > Idaho, Texas > Michigan etc. 

And this pairwise json gets sent to the backend that processes and feeds that data to the machine learning script. The result of the processing gets sent back to the frontend. Since we currently do not have the Explore tool implemented, the end ranking is just displayed as a json to the user. 


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