Week 12: Thanksgiving Break

Because of the Thanksgiving break, our work load was reduced.

After a meeting with the professor, we were received some feedback.

After addressing the professor's comments about the user study, we updated and finalized IRB Application with the team, cleaned up and finalized the survey.

The table that displays Build results needs to be a little bit bigger and have it display all data attributes to allow the option to sort by attributes.

We need to style the search bar, Sort, Shuffle, and Instructions buttons to match the style of the rest of the page.

Blue objects and grey background in build views lead to optical illusion with blacks dots.

Drag/drop area needs to be very clear that it’s a pair (x > y). When you make a pair, it should create a whole separate box (make it clear that two pairs are not related at all). However, this template is not supported by Dragula and so either another dragging library needs to be used, or we would need to modify the Dragula library to fit our needs more. 


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