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Week 12: Thanksgiving Break

Because of the Thanksgiving break, our work load was reduced.

After a meeting with the professor, we were received some feedback.

After addressing the professor's comments about the user study, we updated and finalized IRB Application with the team, cleaned up and finalized the survey.

The table that displays Build results needs to be a little bit bigger and have it display all data attributes to allow the option to sort by attributes.

We need to style the search bar, Sort, Shuffle, and Instructions buttons to match the style of the rest of the page.

Blue objects and grey background in build views lead to optical illusion with blacks dots.

Drag/drop area needs to be very clear that it’s a pair (x > y). When you make a pair, it should create a whole separate box (make it clear that two pairs are not related at all). However, this template is not supported by Dragula and so either another dragging library needs to be used, or we would need to modify the Dragula library to fit our …

Week 11: Final Results

As mentioned in the last post, there were a lot of frontend heavy tasks that awaited completion.
While two of the three Build views were completed, the pairwise comparison view was still in progress. This week, a push to complete that was established. Pairwise comparison did not come in without problems. Unlike the other two views, pairwise allowed for objects to be reused more than once. This leads to the problem of circular input. An example would be a user picking that MIT > WPI and then picking another pair that states that WPI > MIT. This leads to a need for loop detection, the algorithm for which was designed.
The output of the machine learning was just spit out in a json file to the screen. To make it more user interactive, we worked on outputting that json output to a table.
For better UX, instructions on how to use the different Build views were implemented.  
There was a bug in the search implementation where a searched objected appeared in the search even if it was b…

Week 10: Cleaning the UI

After a meeting with our faculty advisor, we settled on beginning the process of a user study. But, before we can progress with that we have to focus on cleaning up the UI to make sure it is user friendly and consistent, adding more datasets, and establishing a process for our user study.

For the frontend, we compiled a list of things we needed to accomplish before having a testable website. And so we began implementing and crossing tasks off of the list.

[ ] Switching out json printing view with table designed from scratch.
[ ] When removing object from the “black box” selection div. Make sure to remove that object in the “black box” once placed in rank div to represent that the user changed that object.
[ ]  Fix Pairwise view for ranking. Remove “Enter object here” on  rank div. Add icons for ui.
[ ] Shuffle button
[ ] Search through objects in build
[ ] Submit button in the right of build view and search bar in the middle of the build view.
[ ] Black box border for div containing a…

Week 9: Connecting All the Parts

Last week was busy and full of many accomplishments. 
On the landing page, the cards indicating the dataset name have been changed:

Furthermore, this week the work of connecting the frontend and the backend has been done. Now, whenever a user picks a block of a specific type, that name is sent to the server, which retrieves and filters the dataset by the primary keys and sends that data to the Build tool. 
For that reason, I assigned the frontend team to focus on the different views of build. I wanted to focus more of functionality than on design, pushing for an interface that worked. The end product was this:

Each state name is contained within a draggable block that can be pasted into the list comparison space, which currently contains Washington, Texas, Idaho, and Michigan. 
When the submit button is pressed, the data within that list comparison space gets converted to pairwise comparison: Washington > Texas, Washington > Idaho, Texas > Michigan etc. 
And this pairwise jso…