Week 8: Getting Back to the Project

My team has split up into two teams: the fronted and the backend.


On the backend, I was in charge of refactoring our code to enable easy addition of new tools. After hours of research, I decided to refactor each "tool" to a Blueprint. In other words, every part of a project will be in a specific directory with a templates folder containing necessary html for webpages that the Blueprint is responsible for.

The directory structure is as such:

  • rankit
    • build
      • templates
      • rank_script
    • datasets
      • templates
    • explore
      • templates
      • lineup
    • home
      • templates
    • static
    • templates 
The current work being done on the backend is establishing a working functionality for the build tool.   This includes accessing datasets, calling the pairwise comparison script, and having all necessary views. 


The whole group got together and revised our mockups for the project. 

The landing page will now be merged with the About page and the Meet the Team page. The navigation bar will simply be a hook to the appropriate section on the landing page.

We will be implementing three different UIs for the Build tool. They will be in the structure of, given a dataset, rank a subset of objects you are familiar with. These types are: ranking by categories, pairwise comparisons, and list comparison.

Ranking by categories. The users will be able to drag and drop their desired object into appropriate category.

An implementation of the list comparison view has started.


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