Week 4: Design, Design, Design!

The week involved two things: on redesigning of the landing page and on researching onMyRanker.

Landing Page

After taking advice from our faculty advisor on the landing page, we aimed to improve the UI. Needing more interaction and less words, we stripped the landing page from any words and moved that information into the About page. Furthermore, we added animation to our website, and polished the look of our buttons. The end product looks like this:


We picked to write our server in Python. For that, we refactored the structure of our project and some landing page code to have it function properly with our server. We made sure that, upon startup of our server, in a separate thread, Lineup would start up as well, such that, whenever you click a button called "LineUp" on the landing page, it would redirect you to Lineup. 


We chose to rename our tool:

- RankSmith is now RANKit, to better reflect the intent of the project (a kit for ranking)

To connect our tools closely, we will rename them as such: 

- LineUp is Explore

- myRanker is Build


Realizing that there was a lot of work to do, but hardly any way to track it all, I decided to bring back Trello into the picture. Taking into account the meetings we had with our professor, I made tickets for all the tasks we needed, prioritized the important ones, and assigned those tickets we absolutely had to complete for this week to each individual.

Future Work

This week we will be looking to tie Build more closely with Explore, by ensuring that we can pass JSON files from one end to another. 


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