Week 3: Making the Landing Page

Landing Page 

Moving our database to the cloud meant that we needed to change our layout of the landing page. Using the image found at link as a placeholder, we quickly programmed our landing page. We figured out the three key components we wanted our landing page to convey: description of our tools, access to data sets, and, upon the selection of the dataset, access to the choice of either Lineup or MyRanker. 

After the completion of the landing page, we looked at what could be done better in terms of UI. The about paragraph seemed long and unreadable, the picture did not convey any new information (although it took up a good portion of space), and the overall page did not attract to itself. After analyzing website structures by visiting common websites, we concluded that we needed to convey more of the meaning through a video/image and less through words. 


When trying to connect our landing page to Firebase, we encountered multiple difficulties. 

First, we still have not yet concluded what our server would look like. We knew that MyRanker would be written in Python, but what about our actual web application? Should it also be written in Python? Should it be written in NodeJs. 

Second, assuming that we would be writing in NodeJs, the tutorials found online to incorporate Firebase in a personal project were not as helpful as we first assumed. Furthermore, introducing a database through a separate entity would become a bottleneck, so much so, that we would have three different servers: Firebase, web client, MyRanker. It would be too much to handle for a small project such as this. 

Next Step

For this week, we've decided to solve some problems.

Landing Page: Complete the about page, the main page
  • Message
    • Shorter description for home page
    • Longer description of ranking and the project in the about page
  • Appearance
    • More videos/images to convey our massage
  • Sign up/in
    • Connect to our database
  • Connect a backend 
  • Connect to the backend and ensure communication with Lineup is possible 


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