Week 1: Initial Planning

The week started off with many ideas swirling about, a couple of tasks that needed assigning, and a lot more questions to answer than was physically feasible to wrap around your head. Yet, despite the confusion, many ideas began to solidify by the end of the week.

Over the summer, our graduate student advisor, Caitlin, discovered an open source tool that has functionality of what my team and I are trying to achieve: Lineup. After diving into the GitHub code, analyzing the paper Lineup:Visual Analysis of Multi-Attribute Rankings, following through the tutorial, and cloning the repository onto our personal machines, we concluded that Lineup would be useful to our project.

source: http://caleydo.org/tools/lineup/

However, that decision was not simple. Before we could decide to use Lineup we need to first evaluate the tools it uses to test the learning curve and usefulness of them:
  • D3
  • Typescript
  • Javascript-libraries
  • Phovea
  • npm
From then on, liking the idea of Typescript, but also arguing for the appeal of Python, we decided to split our tool, presently called MyRanker (or RankSmith), into a Typescript frontend, with much of the visualization taken from Lineup, that communicates with a backend written in Python.

For the next week, we will finalize our plan of action and begin work!


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